Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Last Sabtuday dapat job amik gambar convo Najwa. Si Najwa ni dapat baju sehari awal dari tarikh konvo so we planning to shoot at Putrajaya. Masjid Besi also known as Sultan Mizan Mosque is truly unic and biggest mosque i;ve ever seen. The arcitechture was quite nice and beautiful.. really glad and bless when get the opportunity to shoot at dat place.

We start shooting at 9 am to get the most lighting. also i bring my wifey for directing and afdhal to assist me. well u cant do it alone to get the perfect job done. u'll need some supporter though..

Oh btw, Najwa is my lil sis..

So during the photoshoot we also shoot my parents which come all away from Ganu Kite! Its quite happy when seeing someone dat we love having their moments in their life.. watching our parents cheerful for their lil daughter..

Congrats Najwa for ur osem convocation! have a great life ahead and good luck for upcoming future! Enjoice the pix! MADLOVE!


2 October i got email form Nana saying wanna photoshoot for her convo. The detail is she wanna get shoot with her fwen and the area should be at their University.. total 4 girls.. so after discussion and negotiation i get the date and we move on for the next steps; payment and all..

its quite easy to diskus with since they just agree to the terms and cond.. 

On dat day 8 Oct, wifey and afdhal come to help me out with the shooting.. and during the photoshoot i must say NANA, SHA, AMI, IRDA truly crazy girl and fun and also too active!!! and im very exhausted ( in a good way! )

the photoshoot went well even dow there's a time raining but we still keep posing and posing LOL!

easy to conduct and cooperate! osem client! looking forward for any job with u guys! pls pls pls do not hesitate to call me..  love to work with u guys!

THnx NANA, SHA, AMI and IRDA for having us photoshoot ur memorable moment in ur life! Much appreciate! TQ TQ TQ TQ TQ!!!