Hi there! I'm the guy smilling in the pic. My name is Fadhlul Ain Abd Raffar. I currently live in KL, MALAYSIA and work as a motion designer, photographer, designer and educator. While I’ve been working in the multimedia industry for the past seven years I’m now branching into more photography work and videos. You can boil it down to, “I photograph people on location and i don't like studios.” My style and approach is simple, straightforward, bold, classic vintage, and straight from camera.

My greatest talents are the ability to mix with any class of people and taking photos. I can handle any technical difficulty you can throw at me. I once heard that a photographer would live longer than anybody because of seeing nature. I would have to agree with that.

Founder of Cyrus Photography in 2008.

Degree holder of Digital Design Specialist (Major Animation) 2007

Dip. Graphic Design (Major Mockup Product) 2005

These are some of my work..